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Web Developer Salary Guide

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A Web Developer is responsible for the coding, design and layout of a website according to a company’s specifications. As the role takes into consideration user experience and function, a certain level of both graphic design and computer programming is necessary. Once a website has been created, a Web Developer will generally assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the website.

Web Developer duties and responsibilities of the job

A Web Developer must have experience in the planning and the delivery of web applications across multiple platforms. A typical Web Developer job description should cover:

  • Writing efficient code
  • Creating websites/a website using standard HTML/CSS practices
  • Working closely with web designers and programmers to produce the website
  • Constant communication with other colleagues in the business to develop and deploy their content – and ensuring there is a clear establishment of what can be created within what timeframe
  • Researching different software programs, maintaining software documentation
  • Implementing contingency plans in case the website goes down
  • Maintaining and expanding/enhancing the website once built
  • Managing a team might also be part of the job role

Web Developer job qualifications and requirements

Although there are no formal educational requirements to become a Web Developer, experience in the field will be expected. Knowledge in the following is a requirement:

  • HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Server architecture
  • Experience with server-side frameworks such as python, ruby, php, Java, ASP, ASP.NET
  • Experience with database systems such as SQL and Oracle

A Bachelor’s degree in the following subjects should be included:

  • Computer Science
  • Computing

Aside from these skills, there are a number of qualities to be highlighted in a Web Developer job description to ensure the most suitable candidates apply:

  • Thorough functional knowledge and coding experience
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Ability to multitask with strict time constraints, budgets and business goals
  • Strong communication skills
  • Management experience or examples that show ability to manage a team, should this role involve team management

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