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Internal Auditor Salary Guide

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An Internal Auditor assists in the establishment, development and evaluation of a company’s internal controls over financial reporting, compliance and business operations. An Internal Auditor job description should first and foremost highlight the key role of completing company-wide internal audits in accordance with annual audit objectives, and holding opening and closing meetings with management, including providing all audit reports.

Internal Auditor duties and responsibilities of the job

An appropriate Internal Auditor job description should include the following functions:

  • Undertaking internal audits to ensure the company meets its financial, operational and compliance objectives
  • Supporting the development of an assurance planning reporting process
  • Reporting on control deficiencies to management and making recommendations to mitigate risk and add value
  • Challenging current processes across the company and identify opportunities for refinement
  • Engaging remediation of identified issues through follow-up
  • Playing an active role in the maintenance and review of policies and procedures, including ensuring they are up to date with all legislation and best practices
  • Communicating with a variety of stakeholders across the company

Internal Auditor job qualifications and requirements

A degree in one of the following fields should be included as a qualification requirement for internal auditing:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business

Anyone looking to work in this industry will also be expected to display the following qualities:

  • Attention to detail is imperative
  • Organisation and time-keeping skills
  • Ability to assess and evaluate risk, plus implement solutions
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • The ability to keep calm under pressure, especially when there are tight deadlines
  • The ability to think objectively

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written should also be included in an Internal Auditor job description, as there will be ongoing communication with teams in other business units and the senior management team.

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Snr Internal Audit Consultant (big 4, CBD, IA, contract-perm)
SGD4,000.00 - SGD6,000.00 / month
Analyst, Regional Finance (open to candidates from big 4 audit...
SGD4,500.00 - SGD5,500.00 / month
Senior Accountant (insurance background, 1-year contract)
SGD6,000.00 - SGD9,000.00 / month
Project Accountant
SGD50,000.00 - SGD75,000.00 / annum
Senior Manager - Corporate Finance
SGD16,000.00 - SGD23,000.00 / annum
Group Accountant
SGD4,000.00 - SGD5,000.00 / month
Corporate Finance - Assistant Manager/ Manager
SGD7,000.00 - SGD8,000.00 / month
Senior Finance Manager - SEA
SGD120,000.00 - SGD150,000.00 / annum
Finance Executive (Familiar with WIP and project accounting)
SGD3,000.00 - SGD4,000.00 / month
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