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A healthy sleep specialist creates a quality life

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How can you sleep without sensitive sleep?大阳城国际娱乐3017

Trying to solve long-term sleep problems ultimately depends on good sleep habits. Sign a sleeping agreement with yourself, soak a bath every night around nine, relax the body and mind, change into comfortable pajamas, keep the bedroom dark, and refuse the coffee, which will disturb the sleeping food...... Follow the double image to see how to build a comfortable sleeping environment from the inside to the outside.
1. Wear comfortable pajamas
Taking a bath every night and wearing your favorite pajamas can help your body build nightly routines that allow the brain to move faster into sleep patterns.
2.Dim the lights
When the environment darkens and the body begins releasing melanin, the chemicals peak at 2-3 in the morning, which can cause drowsiness into deep sleep patterns. It is worth mentioning that any type of light (mobile phones, iPad, etc.) can interfere with the secretion of melanin, resulting in delayed sleep time and low quality of sleep. So it's better to start dimming your bedroom lights for at least an hour before you go to sleep.
3.Refuse doping
Eat greasy or spicy food in the night, sleep during the body's digestive system will work overtime". This is one of the reasons why we advocate "eat less dinner". In addition, any high caffeine and nicotine containing food can interfere with the body's sleep as a stimulant. So it's better not to eat these foods for four hours before going to bed. In addition, some people believe that alcohol intake before bedtime can relax and promote sleep. But in the long run, this will only reduce the quality of your sleep.
4. Reduce noise
High intensity sounds can cause slight arousal (during wakefulness during sleep), resulting in poor sleep. For example, a strong traffic noise caused by the increase in cortisol levels, leading to sleep is bad, most people do not choose to buy a house by the wayside, this is the reason. What's more, reading at night or listening to music before bedtime is also crucial. Listening to soothing light music or symphonies, reading essays and so on are good choices.
Small confusion: whether a nap?
It's a habit for most people to take a nap on the bus and take a short nap after work. Studies have shown that sleep is best spent in a continuous period of time, and some friends are confused, so it seems that the nap time should be longer in the daytime? The actual situation is that daytime napping is too long and will eventually interfere with the quality of sleep at night. The results should be for sleep at night. Therefore, in order to ensure better work or play in the afternoon, nap time is best controlled in about twenty or thirty minutes.
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A healthy sleep specialist creates a quality life

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