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Buy mattresses, pay attention to the main points-太阳集团娱乐网址澳门太阳城集团4488

One, size of mattress.
With the naked eye to see whether the selected size of the mattress is appropriate, beautiful appearance generous. Look at the flatness of the mattress, there is absolutely no rugged, bed edge sag or lining movement phenomenon
Two, from the material identification mattress quality is good or bad
The household mattress uses the spring mattress to be many, distinguish the mattress the good or bad, cannot merely depend on the spring number to judge. The type and density of spring will also affect its bearing capacity. Independent type spring chain type spring supporting force is stronger, because each spring can independently telescopic, can support the different parts of the body, maintain the natural curve of the spine; on the contrary, the chain type spring are connected with each other, will not be able to support the body naturally. Independent spring low set design, but also reduce the friction between individual spring, make the spring more durable, not to affect sleep. In addition, the closer the spring, the stronger the supporting force, so pay attention to mattress size and the proportion of the number of springs.
Three, fabrics and fillers are qualified?
Many consumers believe that most probably it did not actually happen is mainly composed of a mattress, the main component of spring, cloth and sponge, there should be no pollution, even if there is a problem, should not be too large, in fact, this idea is wrong. Formaldehyde exceed the standard problem of the soft spring mattress is also very serious, the main existing in the bedding material, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of formaldehyde exceed the standard multi bedding material of cloth and sponge, formaldehyde can easily be decomposed. So use your nose to smell if the mattress smells bad or you don't like it.
Four, from the product mark to distinguish the mattress is good or bad
Consumers in the choice of a mattress, it is best to choose large manufacturers, because their products are marked on the product name, trademark, manufacturer or manufacturing company name, address, telephone and fax are complete, a product is also equipped with a certificate and credit card, such products more secure.
Five, from the degree of mattress soft and hard to distinguish the mattress is good or bad
Mattress is not the more hard the better, nor is the soft the better, and its soft and hard to moderate. Because only the soft and moderate mattress, can perfectly support each part of the body, can according to the human body curve and weight evenly support each part of the body. Long term sleep on the wrong mattress, will affect the health of the spine, especially in the growth and development of children, too soft and strong mattress will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine. So the best way is to beat the mattress by hand, feel is too soft or too hard, resilience? Then hand pressure, to see whether the taut powerful; finally in the four corners around the mattress, gently press to see whether these corners have certain elasticity
Six, want to ask, ask.
First, sales staff or technical personnel, ask what you want to know, such as all about the mattress surface material, price, maintenance or use should pay attention to matters
Seven, personal test.
To try the pad, the easiest way is to choose a mattress lying on the first try, supine, best is to feel the waist back against the mattress can fully support, let the mattress, consciously comfortable and steady.
Choose a mattress is a technical activity, the purchase of mattresses can not just stay in the appearance of beautiful, and only choose the right mattress, in order to allow you to sleep more comfortable.
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A healthy sleep specialist creates a quality life

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