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The quality of a mattress can affect not only your sleeping quality but your spinal problems, so it's important to know how to choose a good mattress.
7 signals tell you: it's time to change the mattress

I feel a backache when I get up;
After getting up, I still feel sleepy and I can't sleep;
Lying on the bed for a long time, unable to sleep;
Sleeping every night is easy to wake up;
The mattress has peculiar smell and can not be removed;
The mattress surface dimple phenomenon;
The mattress is often noisy.
Different age, use different material mattess
Children under 7 years of age: it is best to use pure natural 3D environmental palm mattress, this mattress natural environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, no chemical ingredients, to ensure children's health.
8-18 year olds can use high quality sponge mattress, the mattress ventilation performance and balance are good, if it is independent pocket spring, more fitting curves of the body, effectively disperse the pressure of human body, let the muscles relax, relieve fatigue after intense exercise.
Young people over the age of 20: independent bags can be used spring mattress, can effectively fit the body curve, to alleviate fatigue. And anti-interference ability is strong, turning over is quiet, do not affect spouse sleep.
Older people over the age of 50 should be used: 3D coconut this kind of material is hard mattress, the mattress can effectively alleviate the elderly body function, muscle and ligament elasticity decrease symptoms, prevent the elderly to lose support, causing skeletal intervertebral off issues.
The bigger the bed, the better
In the bedroom area to withstand the maximum, the bigger the better bed, so that people lying on it can be freely removed. If two people sleep, the size of the mattress should be at least 1.5 meters * 1.9 meters. The size of a bed should be 10 centimeters higher than the person's height. So don't be afraid of KING SIZE if your home space allows.
How to calculate soft and hard medium?
A mattress that meets the requirements of a healthy sleep should be: hard support, soft adhesive clothing. But how do you meet this standard?. When lying on the side, the mattress is balanced to support each part of the body, but not the whole collapse, but it is very close to the body curve, and it won't leave any space. Such a mattress can not only maintain the natural relaxation of the spine, but also ensure the smooth circulation of the blood, comfortable and healthy.
Tip: many people go to the store and just use their hands repeatedly to press the mattress, but it doesn't work. So the key to choosing a mattress is to try to lie on your own.
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A healthy sleep specialist creates a quality life

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