Personalised service

Personalised service?

At Robert Half, we provide customised staffing solutions. Our expert hiring consultants will work with you to identify your recruitment needs and find the right fit within your budget and time frame. Whether you’re looking to fill a permanent, temporary or project-based position, our Singapore recruitment services will connect your company with the best industry talent.

Extensive industry knowledge

Extensive industry knowledge

Our Singapore recruitment services specialise in finance and accounting, financial services and technology, with our consultants being staffing experts with extensive specialised experience and comprehensive knowledge of the employment trends impacting the market. Their industry knowledge helps ensure that our candidates have the experience and personal attributes for the position that you are hiring for.

Hiring easy and fast

Hiring made fast and easy?

At Robert Half, we strive to ensure the recruitment process is detailed and efficient. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to hiring for the positions you need filled. Robert Half has the Singapore recruitment services and experience to handle the time-consuming steps and administrative details of bringing a new recruit on board. We provide ongoing support and advice before, during and after the hiring process.

Located in your area

Located in your area

Our Singapore staffing office has an extensive candidate database and network to meet your hiring needs, making our staffing experts perfectly placed to provide you quickly with a choice of highly skilled candidates with the most up-to-date training and expertise.